This website is about my first wolf, Lupey, a magnificent animal who shared his life with me for eleven wonderful years.  I am currently writing a book in tribute to his many gifts to me.  My immediate purpose here is to share some of the information that I gained from this special relationship, but more directly to invite a dialogue with others who may well have diverse views on aspects of our natural world, how we appreciate it, and how to study its mysteries.



Keeping a record of my experiences with Lupey the wolf.


How Lupey helped me learn to observe and examine behavior.


Realizing the greater mystery of life itself through this journey.

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  • Testimonials


    John C Fentress is a truly brilliant and charismatic man, and I was insanely lucky to have him and Peter McLeod as my supervisors. Add Fred Harrington to this mix, to have those three as mentors was more than a dream come true.

    - Simon Gadbois

    This is great – he was one of my “heroes” -though I never met him- when I was doing undergrad. Biology at Dal. in the mid-seventies. I REALLY wanted to be able to work with him and wolves!

    -Marian Lindsay